Renovation Cost Estimates

Costs and potential over spending are one of the most worrying things when it comes to renovations. We are able to provide working cost estimates to suit your budget, whilst achieving the outcome you are after. Giving you peace of mind throughout the renovation, that you are on track and on budget.

Design Solutions & Rectifications

We can provide assistance with design solutions and specialise in dealing with existing structures. We can also provide 3D modelling of your project to help you find the look you are after, for a price you can afford.

Planning & Scheduling

Understanding the renovating process can be a daunting thought. So with a detailed schedule of works to be carried out, you can be rest assured, the process will be completed on time and with the best of quality.

Sourcing Product & Trade

Finding the right trades and products for the job can be difficult. We have a large network of reliable qualified tradesman and suppliers that will be able to supply or install on time and carry out works in a respectful and professional manner.

Ongoing Support

During renovating the 'unknown' quite often arises. We can provide ongoing support to ensure the best outcome is achieved to guarantee your satisfaction. Reno Aid will be your 'middle man' and we are here to help.